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Response to critics, scammers, liars and thieves ...

Thank you for your interest in my work. I appreciate the loyalty and accolades I have received from so many of you all over the world. May 2009 marked my 41st year in the markets. During this time I have not only been a trader, investor, market analyst, educator and innovator - but I have developed a variety of valid trading and investing methods and systems. They have been designed to vastly improve our ability to harness profits, limit losses, maximize profits and improve the accuracy of forecasts in stocks and commodities. My 40 books, most of them published by major houses such as Wiley and Sons, New York Institute of Finance, Harper-Collins, Dow-Irwin, Adams Media and others have been read by traders all over the world, and have been translated into a number of foreign languages. Publishers do business with me because my work is clear and concise, honest and objective, innovative and specific.

False Prophets Abound - Beware of Impersonators!
It is virtually impossible these days to rise to the top of ones field without attracting the attention and jealousy of competitors and other nay-sayers. There are many who disagree with my work. There are many who envy my achievements. Why? Because I started in this business with less than nothing. I was not educated in economics or finance. I am entirely self taught. I was raised in a very poor family - my daddy didn't get me into the trading business. In fact, he knew nothing about trading. And it is precisely this rags to riches story that makes my competitors so angry.

Some of my competitors and would be competitors seek to build their reputations by taking cheap shots at me. This won't work because frankly, I have no competition - no one does what I do. Why? My methods are based on a researched oriented approach. I seek to create and not to imitate. I seek to innovate and not to replicate. There are very few people in this business who have been around for 40+ years as I have been! There are very few people out there with any vision or forward thinking.

What About the National Futures Assoc. Issue many Years Ago?
About 10 years ago the National Futures Association (NFA) took issue with a television infomercial I did in which I offered a trading course. In spite of the fact that the producers of the infomercial consulted lawyers and followed all legal guidelines in the script, NFA didn't like the infomercial and opted to expel me as a member. Fact is that their Draconian application of the rules was not only incorrect, according to my attorneys, but it was also biased against me. Their "hearing" was not a court of law but one in which I was judged by a 3 person jury of my competitors. Their ruling was not a ruling that accurately judged the value of all my work, rather it was a "Kangaroo Court". Their ruling was biased and based on a broad interpretation that hinged essentially on a single word in their rules. The value of my work is appreciated by some of the biggest and best names in the trading business. Know also that I am not the first person in the trading business who has been attacked by NFA. Even Leo Melamed, one of the original founders of the CME was attacked by the NFA.

Magazine Articles
My articles and articles about me have appeared in a number of magazines. The vast majority have been very complimentary. Some have been full of lies or half truths. Some have intentionally misquoted me without giving me an opportunity to read their article and review it for accuracy. But some people believe everything they read, especially if it appears in a big name magazine. Naturally some of my competitors are so jealous of my success and notoriety that they actually PAY to have people read negative information about me. How? They use the "pay per click" feature on some search engines to bring them business using my good name! It's amazing what some desperado's will do to get business. I never do that and I never will.

What is Cyber-Squatting?
Cyber-Squatting takes place on the internet. It is the deceptive and legally questionable practice of using someone else's name or trademark to bring business to a website. If, for example, someone searched on a famous name and that name was in the search codes for a website that belongs to a cyber-squatter, the name of that person would direct traffic to the cyber-squatters competitive website. This practise is despicable and not ethical as well as arguably illegal. And what's worse is that the people who do this to me misquote me, lie about me and try to trick you! So be careful what you believe. If you have any questions, please ask me directly.

There is a huge amount of worthless trash out there. And there is more of it every day. Be careful what you buy and be careful what you believe. Be VERY CAREFUL if someone tries to get your business by smearing my's a trick and you won't be happy with the results. If anyone tells you that I endorse them or that they use my work, ask me if it's true.

Over the years all sorts of rumors have been spread about me. But this is typical. Some of my competitors have even gone so far as to post outrageously negative comments about my books. To all of this I say YOU BE THE JUDGE. Look at my work, look at my longevity in the business and make up your own mind.

There is even someone out there claiming to have used my methods, saying that they don't work when, they have never even been a client or a subscribers. And then they try to sell you their worthless information....deceptive and very sad.

In fact, my seasonal work has literally been stolen by another firm - so don't fall for fakes!

My Achievements
Here is what you should know about my methods, systems and research

  • My seasonal work is ground breaking, innovative and more thorough than any work I am aware of. You can see it at
  • My cycles forecasts have been nothing short of amazing. My forecast for a major rally in Yen a bear market in BrPound, a major low in the dollar, a huge bull market in gold and the grains are only a small example of my accuracy
  • My work is specific, objective, clear and precise. I place no value in any method that requires interpretation, opinions or perception - they are subjective and not likely to work unless you are psychic
  • My clients include not only average traders but professionals, major hedge funds, internationally known banks, hedgers, brokerage houses and even other market analysts
  • Over the years I have been a speaker at over 700 seminars and conferences all over the world
  • I have developed such valuable indicators and methods as the Daily Sentiment Index, Moving Average Channel, Power Momentum Method, Value Area Index and Weekly / Monthly / Daily Seasonal Studies

Finally ...
There will always be those who dislike my work and my methods. There will always be professional jealousy. There will always be false claims and rumors. Make your decisions about me and my work based on YOUR DIRECT experience. I won't always be right. I won't always be the most accurate.

I won't always have the best forecasts, but I will always do my best for you. I will always maintain my independence as a diligent researcher of market behavior, patterns and human behavior in the markets. See testimonials from my clients, and followers of my work.

In the future I may opt to expose those who spread falsehoods about me. I hope they have deep pockets. Come back here from time to time and see what I have added.

Best of trading to you! Write me if you have questions about me and my methods. I'll give you honest and direct answers. I am human and I am committed to your success.

Jake Bernstein

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