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Daily Sentiment Index US (DSI) & European (DSIE) Markets Since 1987

European DSI: DSI Europe

The Daily Sentiment Indexes (DSI & DSIE) are top notch contrary opinion indicators. The DSI provides daily market sentiment readings on all active US markets daily at 4:00 PM Central Time. The DSI has become the standard in short term market sentiment for futures traders. Currently in use by top banks, money managers, brokerage firms, professional traders and speculators throughout the world, the DSI is used to spot and trade short term market swings at extremes in small trader market sentiment.

How Supplied: The DSI is available daily either in FAX form, daily voice recording, FTP or Internet log-in.

History: Daily sentiment data history on 32 US markets back to 1987 is provided at no additional charge to annual subscribers. Historical data cost is $99/year to non-subscribers.

Meaning and Interpretation: High % bullish readings (i.e. 90% or higher) suggest that a short-term top is developing or has been made. Low % bullish readings (i.e. 10% or lower) suggest that a short term bottom is developing or has been made. Individual users have their own applications and interpretation. Our service does not recommend trades, rather we provide the data which you may apply in your own trading program. To see how we use this powerful data Click for details

SAMPLE DSI Report Appears Below:

* The sample shows the raw DSI reading in % Bullish as well as 4 Moving Averages of the DSI.

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