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Jake Bernstein, president of Network Press Inc., is an internationally known commodities analyst, author, trader and financial consultant who has demystified commodity trading and introduced numerous futures trading strategies and indicators to traders - both professional, non-professional and novice - throughout the world.

"The successful commodity trader must make a psychological commitment to win, while, at the same time, controlling our two most pervasive and potentially destructive emotions -- fear and greed", explains Bernstein". Luck takes a back seat to personal discipline, skills and historically-valid strategies in commodity trading". Bernstein's training -- and the absence of any significant literature exploring the "psychology of the trader"-- prompted him in 1982 to write what has become a classic text on trader psychology, The Investor's Quotient (Wiley & Sons).

In addition, he has authored a veritable library of reference works on trading and analyzing the commodity and stock markets. His 41+ books appeal to the full spectrum of investors and traders - from the novice to the seasoned speculator, chartist, non-professional and professional trader.

Jake also has written articles for numerous trade publications, including Futures Magazine, Stocks and Commodities, and Money Maker. His skills as a teacher, market analyst and educator are ranked highly by attendees at his many seminars. His keen ability to pinpoint market trend changes well in advance, and to develop market timing and trend indicators, are matched only by his continual quest to bring solid information and education to traders.

These assets have helped him develop pioneering methodologies in market forecasting, cyclical patterns and seasonal indicators. His proprietary published trading techniques include: Jake Bernstein's Key-Date Seasonal Analysis, the Daily Sentiment Index, the Power Momentum Formula and the MAC Method, as well as short - and intermediate-term day trading and long-term trading approaches, based on market patterns.

Bernstein is Chief Market Strategist and publisher of the Jake Bernstein's Weekly Futures Trading Letter, published continuously since 1972. This comprehensive weekly 8-page letter provides education as well as insightful market analyses and commentary. His daily trading HOTLINES give specific recommendations. The newsletter is read worldwide by traders in all areas of market participation, including new and experienced traders alike as well as banks, agri-business, floor traders, brokerage firms, money managers, and others.

Jake Bernstein's skills, candid approach to educating traders, as well as his in-depth market analyses, have made him a much sought after speaker, guest lecturer, and market commentator. He has appeared on national radio and television, including Wall Street Week, CNBC, JagFN.TV, and is frequently quoted in the financial press.

Bernstein's comments and observations on the commodity markets have been presented in speeches to premier groups the world over, including the Chicago Board of Trade, American Feed Manufacturers Association, The Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Commodities Educational Institute, COMEX, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Toronto and Montreal stock Exchanges.

Jake's Weekly Newsletter is designed to give you information as well as education. Here is what Jake has to say about the current state of Trader Education in the markets:"The new trader these days, as well as the seasoned trader, must be especially careful to avoid the many tricks, scams and useless sources of trading information that proliferate on the internet and in the media. Very few have any objective history behind them. They are little more than myth or magic".

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