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Unsolicited customer testimonials received by Jake:

In my trade analysis even with MAC I noticed my problem was consistently leaving too much money on the table - i.e., not staying in a trade long enough to maximize profits.

I wrote to you on February second after signing-up for your recent 3 Days 3 Ways seminar asking for your guidance on this problem. You quickly replied that during the upcoming seminar you would provide useful information on that issue...and you certainly did. 

You introduced a great exit strategy: 3-Bar Average ( of the Low when long and High when short). It solved the problem and has greatly increased my profitability. (For the record: I'm an options trader and use hourly time frame with an attempt to be In/Out of trades within hours or days. The results with you combined methods: MAC Channel and 3-Bar exit are fantastic! Specific recent documented example: 17 Trades using Jake's method results: 14 Gains, 3 Losses = 82.4% positive trades!!!).   

Thanks Jake, (and staff for your responsiveness). Keep up the wonderful teaching, training and knowledge contributions for the benefit of our industry! MSJ - March 2018

By the way Jake thanks for sharing your market knowledge and insights.
Your techniques have helped me to be more consistent in my profits. I am now regularly using seasonal tendencies, divergences in a precise way, the MAC as my main “trading web” (which fits pretty well with my algorithms to detect the potential end of a counter trend reaction), and, for the main futures markets I now have your “cycles” drawn on monthly or quarterly charts. Extremely helpful. Thanks to your methods and my own timing, I could enter with confidence in long term trades like X, CLF, RIO, BHP, ADM, BG, etc. making the trading experience more pleasant, applying a profit maximizing strategy along the way (thus managing my own fear and greed in a mechanical way!).

Thanks again! PG - November 2016

Jake, thank you for writing your book, "The Ultimate Day Trader". I wish I would have known of it earlier. I've recently lost some money attempting to day trade, but your book and your career give me hope that I can try again after the right amount of study... I'm going to focus on your book exclusively for a month or so.

JS - December 2015

Hi Jake! Just checking in to say hello, it's been a long time but I think about you often. I am doing great and I am truly grateful for all of things you have taught me that I use every day that I profit on. In your words, "it is utterly amazing"!! Keep up the great work Jake and I hope you are doing well!!

SR - August 2015

Hi Jake, Just a quick thanks for all the contact I`ve had this year with you. All the parts have fallen into place and I am confidently following your systems and making money. I also now understand the forecasting methods I have seen you use over the years. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to the next years webinars and 2 chimps. Best wishes, Stuart 12/22/15

Jake- Thank you for writing your book, "The Ultimate Day Trader". I wish I would have known of it earlier. I've recently lost some money attempting to day trade, but your book and your career give me hope that I can try again after the right amount of study - J 12/18/2015

Hi Jake, I want to say one more time that you are a genius and I want to thank you again for your education and information and your caring:
I am well positioned because of your forecasts. Sincerely - H 7/6/2012

Soooooo informative. Mr. Bernstein is a wealth of knowledge, and makes it so understandable. Many Thanks.- LMM 7/6/2012

Jake, just finished your book. Best Ive read so far. Farley is about the only other one I give much credence to in this modern day market.
Your book (The Ultimate Day Trader) confirmed many of my suspicions and helped my confidence tremendously. Thanks ! - BM 1/ 2012


Your methods have been working extremely well for me, it's a great year so far. - S.R. Mar 29 I just returned from a farm business errand and updated my genesis data. I have six trades on at the moment and wanted to thank you for teaching and the tools you developed. The risk, stop placements, profit objectives, entry are all completely objective and not subjective. I now think (bad choice of a word) of the tools as my tools and feel a ownership of them. I hope you take that as a compliment, which is whe way it is meant. -R.P. Mar 16

Thanks for being patient and explaining methods to me -J. Mar 16

Thanks for putting it on the line. Gives the opportunity for modeling your thinkin and behaviour. - G. Mar 15

Your training has improved my trading immensely, many thanks - S.B. Mar 15

Clear, concise and crisp information, can't ask for more. Jake, you're the best in the business. -S 10/11

I went on your 3-day course in Melbourne, ‘Oz a couple of years back. Not sure I ever told you, but of all the lessons I ever learned myself or from others, your objective “it either is or it isn’t” has, without doubt, had the most effect on my trading plans and philosophy – on its own, worth the price of all courses I ever attended!!Thanks again, and regards, PW 9/11

Jake's combination of wit and well-presented details is outstanding. I truly appreciate his willingness to frequently share such excellent insight of market behavior and investment strategies. - JH 9/11

I signed on with your mentoring program as an adventure. . . to see how the "other 5%" think about profiting from the stock market.
It has been a tremendous, very educational, adventure.  Unfortunately, through no fault of yours and completely because of actions I took that were dead against your disciplines,
I can not add profitable . . . .Yet.  I have had 3 profitable months in a row and importantly have been following your methodology and risk management strategies very well. ---M 7/13/11

... I'm appreciative of the stability your methods provide while many in the market reel from one day to the next. I'm enjoying trading more now than ever and that is because your methods are clear and methodical. thanks. - Dave

Your work is clear and precise, setup, trigger, follow through. Your experience and knowledge is clearly evident to anyone who has traded the market. - RP

This is the first time in my trading and investing career that I feel like I am building a solid foundation. This experience is making me better at not only trading but in business in general. I thank Jake sincerely for his generosity in being willing to teach his techniques. It is extremely rare to find a master teacher and a master trader embodied within the same individual. I count myself as very fortunate to have the chance to study under someone like Jake - A.R.

Hey Jake, I just thought I would let you know I had a great day in the ES trading the MAC on a 2500 tic bar chart. I had 5 successful short trades between 11 and 1 EST. thanks for sending the videos - RK

A Day of Awakening and an everlasting flow of wisdom. Clear, precise and doable procedures lead to incredibily high probability trades -- the enlightenment event opened my mind to the window of endless opportunities. I love the "DO NOT THINK" strategy that obsoleted all the Tools being taught in Trading Schools and much of the so-called Gurus in the industry. I give the meetup an AAA+++ rating. - A.L.

I continue to be amazed at how much good information Jake provides at each of these meetings. He is a tremendous asset to those of us trying to improve our investing! - G.P.

One of the best since I started attending. Covered his analysis techinques against current market conditions. - J.S.

Hi Jake. - I would just like to thank you for all your help over the past 9 months. It has been a privilege to have studied under you. I have wanted to be a professional trader for 6 years and today is my first day. I can attribute my success to the skills and knowledge that you have passed on. - Brad

Thanks for another great ETS, looking forward to the next group! What is really helping me the most by attending these sessions is that it requires me to focus on the basics, which is so important in my view. I know the methods like the back of my hand, but we human beings can get complacent. There has been at least one thing that I can take away and apply from each session, most of the time many. - S.R. Apr 3

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