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Unsolicited customer testimonials received by Jake - Part 2

I love ALL your updates, please don't stop. I use them as a checkpoint for my positions to keep me on the straight and narrow. They also give me insight on your way of thinking and it's great education. - S.T. Mar 03

You're sharing this type of insight is extremely educational. Causes us to say, wow that sure is logical.. - A.H. Mar 02

I hope you keep up with the webinars, because your training is like a MBA degree. I feel alot more comfortable with trading. - K.H. Mar 02

You are doing a good job Jake, as your education leads from the front, so to speak. You KNOW your methods work, and you are proving it very well. - M.C. Mar 02

Thanks for advice on copper last night. That one trade with your advice will pay for the whole years worth of costs of all your webinars. - G.D. Mar 01

Working with you has been an inspiration and I sincerely thank you for everything you have been teaching me. I am only at the start of my trading journey but I am grateful for having such an experienced and generous mentor who genuinely believes in sharing/transferring knowledge without fostering dependencies. - V.W. Feb 27

You kick butt. As far as I am concerned I have learned more to put to use than 30 years in the business ever taught. - S. Feb 26

Jake all I can say is thank you. Your insights into the markets are priceless. - J.W. Feb 17

A year ago, I purchased mentoring lessons from Jake Bernstein, and from the very first lesson I was immediately pleased with my decision. I was impressed to discover that Jake would dedicate himself to making certain I completely understood what he was trying to teach. He did not rush me through the lesson so that he might get on to the next student. Not at all. Jake dedicates his best effort to the individual student, and he will take as long as necessary til his student "gets it". - Feb 17

Jake turns out to be an excellent teacher - has good content , covers the material really well, takes questions throughout and strives to inspire discipline in your trading. - N.B. Jan 15

I've completed testing each of five techniques presented by Jake Bernstein to satisfy my own skepticism and I've found each to be remarkably straightforward and consistent in the current market. - A. Jan 15

I can honestly say to you that I am making money in this business of trading thanks to what you taught me and I am very appreciative. Yes, I have paid for the education, and I have put in the effort (which is more important), but the investment in the education from you has been returned several times. - S.R.

Wonderful news to report: My IRA at the March low of last year was $125k and today it's at $475k! It's an IRA so no leverage or futures options, just plain ol stocks, ETF's, closed end funds and some bonds. It just takes practice and time, and catching a great mentor at the right time made it possible. The other stock accounts have done as well, though with drawdowns a tad harder to tally to full results. Thanks! and Welcome to 2010, a wild year is all I can predict! - G.L.

I don't know of anywhere else you can get the kind of information Jake is teaching - V.F. Dec 17

You have amply demonstrated that (2010 looks prosperous) in your teachings and methodology. Looking over the results for 2009, I have realized profits are $50k and change. There are unrealized profits of $6k and change. These are directly and solely the result of your mentoring and methods. The results could easily been many times this amount but I had to get my confidence at a higher level and I do feel much more secure at this time. The more you think about it, the less confidence you have. You have an absolutely stellar program with no wiggle room. You are the best and go more than the extra mile to help us poor mortals. I am eternally greatful for all your efforts. In my book you have an impeccable reputation. - D.F. Jake, Your proposed changes for 2010 sound great, looking forward to them. Thank you for all of your work, so much appreciated and I am so fortunate that I can learn from one of the best, the very best in the world, yourself! Also, your call on the US$ was fabulous. Regards - K.L.

I fully credit my learning from you for my improved trading results. Thank you very much. I am far from master level yet and have much to learn but I have been consistently posting over 10% per month on my 10k account Again, thank you very much for your clear and unbiased teaching. - N.B. 25 Nov '09

We need your information to assist in being good traders. Your recommendations have been on the money! - Ken 17 Nov '09

I recently attended Jake's 3 Day Round Table in Melbourne AU which was fantastic and gave myself a new prespective. - DW 16 Nov '09

I attended your webinar last night on day and short-term trading. Very Good! I especially liked your concise methods that leave nothing to interpetation. This is exactly how I want to (learn to) trade. - VW 17 Nov '09

I am learning and doing well, with your patient and excellent mentoring, the joy I get out of the 'game' and luck in timing. I must admit, I had no idea it was really going to be so much fun! I did jump in! Just couldn't wait. So far I am experiencing most of the 85% but am sure will have some questions as I venture into the more complex methods. Can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. I look forward to learning more. - MQ 9 Nov '09

I wanted to let you know that I started trading seasonals 6 months ago and thanks to what you've taught me my account grew 30% (at some point up to 40%). So I would like to say a big Thank You! - TM 9 Nov '09

Thanks for the Soybean Oil Trade. I captured 1.62 - John 13 Oct '09

Hello Jake. First of all thanks for the lessons you gave to me, it's working and I am making money. Also like your webinars a lot. So Thank You one more time - R.G. 07 Oct '09

Jake seems skilled and knowledgable, good information - J. Oct 06.

Jake, Once again thanks for the heads up in Gold and the Grains. May all the account trades be so timely. - J.M. 06 Oct '09

I would like to thank you very much for the time and work we have done over the last months. Your information is by far the best I have even seen, and for the first time in 10 years I feel totally confident in my trading plan. I now know I will become a professional trader, and for me that is a dream come true, my highest wish. - S.N. 05 Oct '09

Thanks for all you have done for me! - G.D. 29 Sep '09

Hey Jake, I Like the way you do your teaching! This webinar (ETS II) is one of the best for me, as I don't always know the questions to ask. The explainations you give for why the trades are made and the method that is used even though there may be choices of different methods that you teach. The section where you have the comments explains very well your reasoning and thinking that goes on with each trade. I like this because I can read it over and over if I need to. Thank You! - D.E. 24 Sep '09

Jake, I am going to do the Silver Spread for December and thanks for the update. This is the best training tool. - Ken 18 Sep '09

Sir, you continue to impress me! I am curious, what prompted your decision to take temporary profits in gold? It looks to be a wise move, but I don't seee what you saw. And what do you consider support, and why? - G.T. 18 Sep '09

Outstanding results from ETS! - G.K. 17 Sep '09

Thanks for all the learning tools, my trading methods are better and I treat this not like gambling but a business that is much more profitable then gambling. - Ken. 17 Sep '09

I continue to say this is the best learning experience I have ever had with you, so thank you. Your friend, - C.R. 17 Sep '09

8 months after your mentoring I as slow but save on my way with trading and every week more excited about the results. On the way I learned a lot not only about trading but about myself. I'm very confident that in some months I will reach my financial goals. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights with me. - R.A. 17 Sep '09

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